Jeff Forrest

Founder at STACKLAB
Toronto, ON

Calgary-born Jeffrey Forrest founded STACKLAB, a Toronto-based art and design studio embracing furniture, sculpture, installation and architecture, in 2013. He studied history and architecture at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., the New York Institute of Technology and the University of Calgary. After completing his studies, Jeffrey drove his 900-c.c. Triumph motorcycle to Toronto in quest of a summer job where he could work with his hands. He began at a company selling recycled wood, where he soon convinced the owner to let him design as well as manufacture furniture pieces. This led to his developing a client base and a steady stream of small, and ultimately, large-scale commissions. Thereupon he struck out on his own and founded STACKLAB, where he soon assembled a team of skilled designers under his creative direction. Working in close collaboration with experts in fabrication, craft and science, Jeff and his team have developed an experimental design language that emphasizes material and manufacturing systems over form. STACKLAB’s work has been exhibited at fairs such as The Salon Art + Design Fair (NY), The European Fine Art Foundation, TEFAF (NY), The International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art (Chicago) and Paris Fashion Week. Works have also been acquired by the City of Toronto’s Fine Art Collection, and the permanent Collection of the Embassy of Canada to Iceland in Reykjavik. STACKLAB has received multiple awards, such as The 2016 American Society of Interior Design’s Design Innovation Award, the 2016 and 2017 Best of Canada Awards in the product and project categories.