William Gold

Engineering Services Manager at BASF Corporation
Beachwood, OH
United States

William J. Gold, P.E., FACI is the Engineering Services Manager for BASF Corporation – Construction Systems in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Gold has over 20 years of experience in concrete repair and protection and in the use of advanced composite materials in the concrete industry. He has had extensive involvement in the design and installation of FRP systems for strengthening existing structures including strengthening the Amazon.com headquarters building after the Nisqually earthquake, the protection of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in New Orleans, and repairs to several hydroelectric dams along the Ottawa River in Ontario. He has published several papers on strengthening structures with FRP and has given numerous lectures on evaluation and strengthening of existing concrete structures. Mr. Gold holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Kansas and a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute and actively involved in the International Concrete Repair Institute, ASTM, and the Canadian Standards Association where he has served on numerous technical committees including CSA S 806, ASTM D 30, and ICRI 330. Currently he is Chair of ACI Committee 440 on FRP Reinforcement of Concrete Structures. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio.